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SAP Cloud drives connected demand chains and supply chains for Intelligent Enterprises

SAP Cloud offers customers with accelerated digital transformation services to drive the birth of the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP SE has launched its latest iteration of SAP Cloud, bringing innovations that enable straightforward routes to compliance, bring customers an exclusive cloud platform for critical applications, and allow for easier connections between a customer’s demand chain and supply chain

SAP recently said that it has over 10,000 customers on its SAP Cloud Platform, with each benefitting from the package’s digital transformation offerings, and this success bodes well for the advent of the Intelligent Enterprise.

The Intelligent Enterprise, an SAP-driven concept whereby firms utilise their data assets in the most effective and efficient manner, will allow firms to reach desired outcomes faster and with decreased risk.

SAP believes the route to this is to massively reduce the frequency of siloed processes, an issue the firm itself has faced as a result of its multitudinous acquisitions of smaller cloud companies, generating collaborative insights and thereby easing access to the most useful information across the supply chain.

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“SAP Cloud Platform provides an integration layer for applications from these acquired companies so customers have consistent and integrated data that’s not siloed, letting customers use those solutions together,” said SAP CTO Björn Goerke on the firm’s website.

The knock-on effect of this highly-integrated cloud platform for firms managing their demand chains and supply chains is a significantly less noisy data stream, resulting in greater efficiency and easier micromanagement of each facet of the supply chain.

In a company statement, Goerke said:

"SAP delivers the Intelligent Enterprise for customers, totally redefining the value they can get from enterprise software by giving them the visibility, focus and agility they need to survive in times of accelerated change.”


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