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Mando improves data security within its supply chain with Fasoo

Mando - supplier to Cadillac, General Motors, an Fiat - selects Fasoo to provide data security

The auto components manufacturer, Mando, has partnered with the data security firm, Fasoo, to update its security.

The South Korean firms entered the enterprise digital rights management deployment project which covered all of Mando’s locations across 12 countries, ZDNet reported.

Mando is present in nations such as United States, South Korea, China, and Germany, and supplies parts to firms such as Cadillac, Ford, and Fiat.

The solution provided for Mando, which is one of the top 50 OEM parts suppliers in the world, conforms to governmental and automaker regulations.


Fasoo has supplied automatic protection for user-generated documents, as well as use of covered data, and optimised performance.

“We will continue to expand our footprint in the global auto parts supply chain by providing our data-level security solution,” stated Fasoo.

“Our optimal information security solutions and strategies will provide automotive industry customers with the best-in-class information security environment thanks to our unique data security framework and integrated set of capabilities that cover the full spectrum of enterprise security needs.”

The data security company features 1,3000 clients and has headquarters in both Seoul, South Korea, and Maryland, the US.


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