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JAGGAER appointed by Gruppo AGSM for procurement digital transformation

JAGGAER to enable digital transformation for Verona's Gruppo AGSM's procurement

The Italian utility, Gruppo AGSM, has selected JAGGAER, the spend management firm, to digitally transform its procurement operations.

The Verona-based electricity and telecommunications supplier will leverage JAGGAER’s sourcing and supplier management platform.

The platform will be used to digital transform the utility’s currently-manual input process for supplier registration and purchases.

“The quest for innovation and quality in processes and products is part of our mission,” stated Eng. Massimo Giorgetti, Purchasing Director of AGSM.



“JAGGAER technology helps us to implement innovation in purchasing management. In fact, the platform streamlines the interaction with suppliers, which are predominantly the companies of our territory, facilitating the procedures for participating in tenders.”

“Moreover, the whole process is more transparent, trackable and faster, thanks to the elimination of paper.”

JAGGAER’s platform conforms to the Procurement Code for public procurement, which AGSM is required to adhere to.

AGSM has decided to make the digital transition due to a Code of Public Contracts mandate that addresses electronically managed procurement, which will come into effect on 18 October.

The company aims to become more efficient and transparent with the introduction of JAGGAER’s digital platform.


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