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Brightfield Strategies appoints Jesse Levin as CEO to focus on supply chain disruption

Brightfield Strategies to focus on Data-as-a-Service and Talent Data Exchange

Brightfield Strategies, the consultancy and data services firm, has appointed Jesse Levin as its new Chief Executive Officer.

The new CEO will work to accelerate the company’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution and Talent Data Exchange (TDX) operations.

TDX’s use in the talent supply chain is continuously growing, being used in market intelligence, spend analytics and technology to program managers in the industry.

Changing labor demographics, evolving employment preferences, continued talent supply chain disruption and knowledge work automation are all driving growth of the agile workforce of temporary, consultancy, outsourced and gig economy workers,” stated Levin.


“Brightfield’s products and services bring efficiency to a market now representing $820B in spend and over 30% of workers in North America.”

Brightfield is in a unique position to bring innovation, price transparency and analytical rigor to corporate decision makers professionalizing how they manage the costs, quality, risks of contingent labor and consulting spend.”

“The Brightfield team has earned a privileged position as the trusted steward to leading buyers, sellers and intermediaries in the modern talent supply chain, and serves as the data consortium and intelligence provider to help increase the speed and efficiency of the modern labor market,” added Jason Ezratty, Co-Founder and Chairman of Brightfield Strategies.

“Brightfield is now even better prepared to serve our clients with the addition of Jesse Levin to the management team. His past success and management experience will greatly add to our capability that will extend the recent revenue growth of our company,” says staffing industry luminary and Brightfield investor Gary Nelson.


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