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UPS to launch 7-day extended hours pickup and delivery service in line with FedEx

The multi-billion-dollar package delivery company, UPS, has announced the launch of its second quarter earnings report, their “innovative new products and services to help customers grow and succeed,” according to Supply Chain Dive.

The announcement has been made in order to match up with FedEx’s recent new services that include a seven-day service that was confirmed in May, extended hours that were launched back in December 2018 and its increased partnerships to achieve a total of 62,000 access points nationally.  

.For towns and cities within the US who have next day ground deliveries, customers now have access to extended hours to pick-up their items.


Starting in January 2020, UPS is set to offer customers pick-up and delivery services seven days a week. The firm is set to “leverage the combination of the UPS Network, UPS Access Point locations and SurePost in collaboration with the United States Postal Service to efficiently provide these exciting new capabilities,” said UPS Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Warren.

Through its partnership with new retailers, UPS has increased its access point location by 12,000 in the US and 40,000 globally to support e-commerce delivery and returns.

When asked for comment to in regards to the new services, CEO, David Abney, said that the announcements should be seen “not as individual projects” but “a holistic approach to enable small and medium-sized customers to swing above their weight.”


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