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UPS utilising Google Cloud Platform to design routing software to save $400mn annually

The US-based logistics company, United Parcel Service (UPS), is using Google Cloud Platform in order to design routing software that helps to save the shipping company around $400mn annually, according to Supply Chain Dive.

UPS is utilising the software to inform the driver where to go “every step of the way” and has reduced fuel consumption by 10mn gallons every year. It is expected that the software directs drivers throughout their 120 daily pick-up and delivery stops, in addition to lunch breaks.


UPS and Google have started to work with each other in order to transform the shipping company’s smart logistics network through the use of Google’s BigQuery for comprehensive forecasting. With one billion data points created daily, such as the weight, shape and size of packages, facility capacity and customer data, it is thought that the Google platform enables data analytics while operating the machine learning and smart technology throughout the data points.

UPS delivers around 21mn packages every day with UPS CIO, Juan Perez, believing “there is only one route that is the best route” for each delivery.

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