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Mile High Labs launches supply chain innovations accelerating transparency

As the largest extractor of CBD isolate in the world, Mile High Labs, has launched supply chain innovations which is targeting accelerating transparency and increasing consumer trust in the emerging CBD industry.

It is expected that a new standard has been set for what regulatory officials should demand of all processors.

Jason Roth, CEO of Mile High Labs, commented: “The rising popularity of CBD has been seen by some as an opportunity to capitalize on a lack of knowledge and regulations. As a result, our industry is at risk of bad actors. These major developments in the Mile High Labs Supply Chain represent our steadfast commitment not only to safety and transparency, but to the technological and regulatory advancement of the entire industry.”


The announcement follows the March launch of the Mile High Labs Client Portal, which uses blockchain technology in order to provide on-demand compliance documentation such as Certificates of Analysis, Safety Data Sheets and Harvest Information.

Sébastien Pasquali, Supply Chain Solutions Manager at Mile High Labs, said: “Blockchain technology helps us aggregate data from all of the systems within our supply chain to ensure no information gets lost or altered as product moves from farm to lab and ultimately into the hands of the customer.”

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