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Houston Methodist begins new integrated supply chain partnership with Medline

In a bid to identify new ways to leverage supply chain logistics and industry expertise, a new integrated partnership between Medline and Houston Methodist has been established.

David Peck, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Houston Methodist, commented: “This partnership will allow us to take a more deliberate look at how those products are coming into the system and being utilized. Teams are now working closely with Medline to design new ways to improve clinical and financial outcomes to make us an even stronger system.”

As the leading hospital in Houston for delivering superior patient care, Houston Methodist, has transformed its community needs over the years. Medline has begun to finalise possible sites as it seeks to develop a new 1.3mn sq. ft distribution centre that will host traditional supply chain services such as case cart picking and centralised receiving.


The new consolidated services centre will introduce the system’s first consolidated sterile processing department as it provides greater consistency of quality and improved patient safety and satisfaction.

Rick Chapman, senior vice president, field sales at Medline, said: “Medline is a problem solver, and our teams work tirelessly with customers to understand the root of problems so we can design customized solutions. We're excited to go down this path with Houston Methodist to transform the delivery of care in a whole new way.”


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