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INFOGRAPHIC: Is your WMS working as hard as you are?

INFOGRAPHIC: Is your WMS working as hard as you are?

Many warehouse managers today feel that the most mistakes come from things such as stocke replenishment, picking and inventory control. These are issues that can potential be made more efficient by having an effective warehouse management system.

Here is some valuable advice from Eric Carter, Solutions Architect at Indigo on what to consider when choosing the right warehouse management system for your business needs. Below this there is also an extremely usefule infographic.

  1. The most important criteria is to consider the suitability of the software in terms of feature rich complexity versus perfect match for business requirements.  
  2. Don't overcomplicate processes so that you end up with a highly complex software system with functionality you pay for but never take advantage of. 
  3. Bear in mind that businesses change so fast that old thinking like 'get a system for the next ten years' really has little or no value in the real world.
  4. When conducting return on investment calculations (ROI) a practical sensible head is required.  You need to make sure that the projected ROI is tangible and can be achieved.
  5. Operators need to conduct a true business process review which identifies no value-add processes and then potentially streamlines them to make sure the overall procedure is not affected and runs as efficiently as possible.
  6. Operators also need to realise that it is not just the software itself that provides the complete solution - getting the implementation project right itself is just as important.

For more guidance on choosing the best warehouse management system for you, get in touch with Indigo.

INFOGRAPHIC: Is your WMS working as hard as you are? 

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