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XPO Logistics set to pilot XPO Smart predictive analytics tool in North America

The US-based transportation and logistics services provider, XPO Logistics, is set to pilot its XPO Smart predictive analytics tool in its less-than-truckload network in North America, according to Supply Chain Dive.

As a tool that was previously used to optimise labour productivity in the company’s warehouses and distribution networks, Mario Harik, CIO of XPO Logistics confirmed that the firm has successfully decreased costs and increased fulfilment speeds. In a statement, he said: “Our pilot LTL operators are acting on insights gained from site-specific machine learning and our predictive analytics.”


According to an XPO press release, the tool is a suite of applications that “uses proprietary algorithms and site-specific machine learning to determine how individual output contributes to collective goals.”

The firm is set to accelerate its technology use to its 290 US terminals during the upcoming quarter, with LTL terminal managers in Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina.


Supply Chain Digital Weekly