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Tyson Fresh Meats implements IdentiGen DNA technology for beef supply chain transparency

Tyson Fresh Meats implements IdentiGen DNA technology for beef supply chain transparency

Tyson Foods, through its Tyson Fresh Meats subsidiary, has implemented DNA technology into its beef supply chain to foster greater transparency.

The company has partnered with IdentiGen, the leading provider of DNA identification solutions, to adopt its DNA TraceBack system to trace the cattle raised for its Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef.

Samples of DNA from cattle entering the Open Prairie programme will be used to trace the origin of cuts of beef as they move through the supply chain. It will provide greater assurances for customers that the products they purchase from Tyson Foods are ethically sourced.


“This is about meeting growing demand for more transparency about how food is produced,” said Kent Harrison, vice president of marketing and premium programs at Tyson Fresh Meats. “Through DNA TraceBack, we’re providing our retail and foodservice customers with scientific evidence that they’re getting high quality, natural beef from animals raised the way we promised.”

Unlike other traceability methods, DNA TraceBack® uses nature’s barcode to provide accurate information on the entire supply chain – linking the DNA in primary protein, cooked and processed products from point of sale back to source.

“We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like Tyson Fresh Meats,” Kent Partida, vice president of North American business development for IdentiGEN, said. “Our DNA TraceBack program is the most advanced meat traceability system available and uses nature’s barcode to link meat from the point of sale back to the source. It will enable retail and foodservice customers of Open Prairie beef to confidently share their traceability story with shoppers.”

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