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SupplyPike launches first digital freight marketplace to accept bitcoin

SupplyPike has announced  the first digital freight marketplace to accept bitcoin

Supply chain tech company SupplyPike today announced the addition of Ship, the first digital freight marketplace to accept bitcoin as the only standard form of payment, to their ecosystem.

The company said its ecosystem of products allows supply chain management professionals to manage and scale their entire flow of products, exchange data with trading partners, grow revenue through real-time analytic insights, and more, on one fluid platform.

Ship has been launched to allow users can book freight directly on the first true digital freight marketplace.

SupplyPike says “virtually anyone” will be able to access the marketplace, quickly compare freight rates for their shipment, book it, and pay quickly using bitcoin.

Bitcoin will be the only payment mechanism accepted, and additional forms of cryptocurrency and other digital payments will be added as demand from users is identified.


“SupplyPike is a platform for Supply Chain Management professionals. If there is a natural role for blockchain technology anywhere, it will be in supply chain,” said SupplyPike CEO Dan Sanker.

“Using bitcoin for payments is a small step towards integrating and adopting this technology, but it needs to happen already.”

The premise of blockchain is that is will enable more intelligent business processes for supply chain professionals through enhanced transparency, such as during the tracking of a product’s journey, and better security for transactions and record keeping.

Container company Skycell recently announced their adoption of cryptocurrency for transactions to further integrate blockchain into the logistics industry.

Additionally, tech company ShipChain recently announced plans for a platform that delivers unified tracking across the entire supply chain, between all carriers.

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