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Scoutbee: providing free AI COVID-19 supply chain service

Executives at Scoutbee

Leading provider of SaaS supplier discovery platforms - Scoutbee - responds to COVID-19 with a free online service for emergency sourcing of medical equipment.

As the world continues to be disrupted by the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), with a total of 823 626 confirmed cases (as of the 1st of April), organisations around the world are stepping up to help respond to the global crisis.

Joining those responding to the outbreak is Scoutbee. The world leading provider of SaaS supplier discovery platforms, has developed an online service for free help in conducting emergency sourcing of the urgently needed medical equipment and supplies, such as: surgical masks, hazmat suits, swabs and tubes etc.

Until April 30, organisations struggling to source urgently needed medical supplies can make a request for Scoutbee’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) supplier search platform.

To request for Scoutbee’s AI powered supplier search platform, click here!

The platform harnesses real-time analysis of global supply chain data to significantly speed up the request for proposal (RFP) process. As a result organisations will be able to find suppliers 75% faster, while keeping search resources low.


“Scoutbee has a specific capability for rapid global supplier discovery. When coronavirus began to cause pharma and medical supply shortages, we knew we should help. The team built a simple tool in only 48hrs so organizations with great need can gain rapid access to our supplier insights, in order to help with shortages of critical supplies,” commented Gregor Stűhler, Co-founder and Managing Director of scoutbee.

Steps to take in order to utilize Scoutbee’s free supplier search platform:

  1. Visit Scoutbee’s Coronavirus supply chain support

  2. Select a product from a continuously updated selection of categories

  3. Complete the form

  4. Scoutbee will provide access details and next steps within 48 hours 

  5. Gain access to pre-qualified suppliers

“The coronavirus situation worldwide has become a clear example of how AI can help deliver information to those in need rapidly,” comments Scoutbee, who explains that digital scouting technology can support organisations by providing a wide view of suppliers at high speed, strong decision making with unified data, rapid collaboration and increased availability of time for important tasks.

To request for Scoutbee’s AI powered supplier search platform, click here!

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