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Schneider Electric launches US smart factory

The modernization project will transform Schneider Electric's Lexington factory into a smart facility through which the company can share innovation insights with its clients and partners.

This week, energy management and automation company Schneider Electric announced the launch of the first Smart Factory in the US to demonstrate in real time how its EcoStruxure architecture and related suite of offerings can help increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for its customers.

In operation for more than 60 years and employing nearly 500 people, the Schneider Electric Lexington facility is serving as Schneider’s flagship smart facility in the country, enthusiastically embracing the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to drive process optimization.

This latest facility joins a network of Schneider Electric smart factories around the world. The company already has smart industrial infrastructure in Mexico, China, France, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.


"We understand the value of IIoT and the positive business impact that innovation and digitization can have on our operations – particularly in our global supply chain. As a living example of how our EcoStruxure solutions deliver benefits to our customers, we are gaining those same benefits in our operation and sharing that knowledge," said Mourad Tamoud, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric. "With our latest Smart Factory showcase, we are able to demonstrate this value in real-time, show the solutions at work and share the tangible benefits that we ourselves are seeing from our own IIoT investment as we accelerate our Tailored Sustainable Connected 4.0 digital transformation."

The Lexington factory is a heavily-automated operation critical to the Company's supply chain, producing Load Centers and Safety Switches. The facility will now serve as both a working operation and a showcase for customers and partners to witness how digital transformation can help them make informed, data-driven decisions to bring about improved profitability, asset management performance, operational efficiency and a smarter productive workforce, while keeping the operations secure, agile and environmentally sustainable.


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