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SAP to introduce blockchain to supply chain platform

SAP is to add its blockchain technology to its supply chain traceability platform

SAP is to add its blockchain technology to its supply chain traceability platform to aid its stakeholders in the agricultural industry greater visibility of their products and confidence in food safety.

The develop has been revealed by the company’s blockchain lead, Torsten Zube, on a LinkedIn blogpost titled: “Why the real potential of blockchain lies in boundless enterprise collaboration”

“The blockchain will act as an additional layer complementary to the core processes that creates one shared view on the data from all involved stakeholders contributing to the supply chain (technology),” he said.

“It will allow them to trace ingredients and products, enter requests and offerings, and verify and execute transactions – everything in the most convenient and trusted way. This makes it possible to optimise the entire supply chain by enabling transparency over actual needs, just-in-time deliveries, and maximal food quality (new business models).”


Zube said that the ‘Farm to Consumer’ project perfectly showcases a common pattern that SAP sees in blockchain projects, namely cross-company collaboration along complex value chains, in which technology can remove a number of steps and establish ‘automated trust’

He went on to reveal that SAP is also collaborating with Swiss blockchain start-up to develop systems to improve supply chain processes by combining blockchain technology and IoT.

“Together with their ambitious team of experts, we are currently working on specific pilot projects and will reveal how blockchain creates value for our first joint customer at the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW conference between June 4-7 in Orlando,” he revealed.


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