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Oracle unveils expansion to its SCM cloud


With business demands and supply chain processes rapidly evolving, Oracle has announced it is expanding its SCM cloud to try and help organisations tackle these fluctuations. The expansion comes as part of the Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13 update that the company has dubbed its ‘next generation supply chain platform'.

The software will enable organisations to deal much more effectively with outside-in demand driven processes, creating a more efficient system than existing supply chain structures.

The release will comprise of six new application solutions, including supplier collaboration, quality management, maintenance, sales and operations planning, demand management, and supply planning.

Release 13 will also bring improvements to the existing information-driven navigation, inventory, manufacturing, mobility, order management and user experience modules.

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Oracle’s new innovation will enable organisations to become more connected with the customer, whilst simultaneously providing businesses with the opportunity to increase margins, decrease costs and minimise disruptions.

“Business leaders recognise the undeniable benefits of digitising core business functions like the supply chain, yet many still struggle to maintain outdated supply chain systems that are designed for the problems of the past – not the challenges of the future,” said Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President of supply chain management, Jon Chorley.

“Oracle SCM Cloud is built from the ground up for the cloud in order to support current and future business challenges.

“These enhancements go broader and deeper, demonstrating our commitment to supply chain excellence, which includes delivering the visibility, insights and capabilities organisations need to successfully balance supply and demand across increasingly complex global supply chains.” 



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