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Oracle Transportation Management upgraded with project44’s advanced supply chain visibility solution

project44's advanced visibility platform will enable Oracle Transportation Management Cloud users to leverage significantly improved visibility and reliable data across supplier networks, cutting costs and saving time

Industry-leading analytics visibility platform project44 has been integrated into the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud to empower users with consistent real-time visibility and high-quality data from across supply chain networks

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud clients can now utilise project44’s platform to undertake on-demand inventory management, as well as improving their own customers’ experiences through the provision of reliable, real-time, and predictive visibility in multimodal shipment tracking.

By connecting to the platform’s network of 175,000 multimodal carriers, users can save time and money through the increased quality and ease of access to real-time shipping data.

The statement notes that the platform has been designed with ease of use, scaling, and integration in mind so as to allow enterprises of any scale to leverage the technology without the need to invest in IT support. 

President of project44, Tommy Barnes, said:

“Oracle customers represent some of the most innovative supply chains in the world. Those customers are putting increased importance on the role of predictability, data analytics, and business intelligence within their TMS solutions. 

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“Without the standardized, reliable, and multimodal data that p44 provides, it’s impossible to grow into those advanced analytic capabilities.”

project44 noted DHL Supply Chain as one among its userbase to have utilised the platform to improve the customer delivery experience.

“DHL Supply Chain evaluates and works with many technology providers to ensure that we can provide superior customer delivery experience,” said DHL Supply Chain’s Director of Continuous Improvement, Jason Gillespie, in project44’s statement.

“In this environment, project44’s partnership provides significant value to both our end customers and DHL by making it easier to obtain accurate, real-time shipment information faster and at a lower cost.” 


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