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IBM releases Watson Supply Chain Insights to facilitate smarter supply chain transformation

IBM's Watson Supply Chain Insights facilitates smarter supply chain transformation with cloud and AI-based platform

IBM has released a supply chain-focused iteration of its Watson AI platform, Watson Supply Chain Insights (WSCI), to offer smarter data for Chief Supply Chain Officers

“84% of CSCOs say lack of supply chain visibility is still their biggest challenge,” IBM said on their website.

WSCI’s powerful AI technology helps “cut through data noise and get the insights you need to act faster, with confidence.”

“It enables you to predict, quickly assess and more effectively mitigate disruptions and risks to optimize supply chain decision making and performance,” it added.

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The tool includes an alerts platform to accelerate data retrieval of the most relevant information affecting a firm’s supply chain, as well as a collaborative, AI-equipped Resolution Rooms feature that banks recommended experts, published knowledge, and records of resolutions to past supply chain issues.

A further featured element on the firm’s website is the Digital Playbook, which compiles supply chain information and operations-based knowledge whilst incorporating AI “to enable better and quicker responses to future events.”

IBM adds that WSCI is a fast start program with open integration to speed organisational uptake, as well as offering outstanding cloud security.

With increased data accessibility and efficiency, firms will be able to leverage the WSCI platform to drive supply chain transformation more effectively, with insights into areas for optimisation and a clear picture of performance.


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