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FourKites predictive supply chain visibility application wins Rising Star Momentum award

FourKites predictive supply chain visibility application wins Rising Star Momentum award

A leader in predictive supply chain visibility has been recognised as one of the emerging technology companies that “embody the creative potential of change and innovation.”

FourKites, the fastest growing predictive supply chain visibility platform that works with Fortune 500 companies, has received the Rising Star Momentum award at the 11th Annual Momentum Awards Dinner, hosted by startup incubator 1871 and the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center.

One of the tech community’s most highly-anticipated events of the year, the Annual Momentum Awards this year focused on the Emergent – the emergent technologies, leaders and opportunities that embodied the creative potential of change and innovation.

‘These exciting pathways of possibility are illuminated by the brightest minds and blazing visions of the Chicago entrepreneurial community, which we are honored to serve.

Through an online and mobile platform, FourKites calculates the industry’s most precise arrival time predictions to drive measurable business value.


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FourKites founder and CEO Matt Elenjickal started building FourKites while attending Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Through Kellogg’s partnership with 1871, Elenjickal utilized the organization’s facility and programs to hone the initial product, network with investors and other entrepreneurs, and meet with potential customers.

“1871 provided invaluable resources to us when we were first building FourKites,” said Elenjickal. “Our team is honored to receive this award, and we are proud to contribute to Chicago’s vibrant and growing entrepreneurial community.”

“FourKites represents the collaborative and innovative spirit of Chicago’s tech and entrepreneur community,” said 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler. “1871 is proud to award this recognition to FourKites, whose success reinforces the fact that Chicago is one of the best places in the world to build a business.”



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