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Financial technology giant WEX partners with Octet for supply chain management transformation

Leading financial technology services company WEX has partnered with an Australian firm to transform and digitalise its supply chain management.

Octet, which is based in Sydney and provides solutions for businesses to pay their suppliers, will utilise WEX’s virtual credit card payment solutions. Since Octet helps SMEs in Australia to manage their supply chains, the addition of WEX to its platform will improve cash flows and make cross-border transactions easier.


Octet uses an enterprise-grade platform to help its clients track the entire supply chain, throughout which they can view all the relevant documents and use multiple payment methods – now including WEX.

Justin Cross, Director of Business Development & Partnerships, EMEA and APAC at WEX, called Octet a “leading innovator in the supply chain platform space”. It’s hoped WEX will be able to grow through its partnership with the SCM platform.

Octet’s CEO Clive Isenberg said: “The partnership will arm local businesses with more power to trade locally and internationally. Octet and WEX will be looking to further facilitate seamless, efficient and secure supply chain solutions.”


Supply Chain Digital Weekly