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Blume Global joins Google Cloud partner programme for digital supply chain solutions

Blume Global joins Google Cloud partner programme for digital supply chain solutions

Blume Global, a best-in-class digital platform that connects global supply chains into one big ecosystem, has joined the Google Cloud partner programme as a technology partner.

The company joined the programme this week to create a near real-time cloud-based platform that will provide users with end-to-end visibility of shipments and predictive estimated time of arrivals (ETAs).

The Google Cloud partner programme will allow Blume Global to leverage Google Cloud’s advanced capabilities to provide better artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and machine learning (ML) to help customers address the challenges of their supply chain.

Blume Global will be able to scale globally with enhanced security for more effective supply chain network execution, benefit from a predictive and proactive management of all supply chain events and enable moving from fixed lead times to dynamic lead times.


"Digital supply chain capabilities are evolving quickly and partnerships like this play a critical role in connecting those capabilities and enabling next level integration. A strong ecosystem of partners is crucial to the success of a modern supply chain," said Simon Ellis, program vice president, global Supply Chain Strategies at IDC.

 "We're delighted that Blume Global will bring its leading digital supply chain capabilities to Google Cloud" said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google Cloud.  "Retail customers want to modernise quickly, and our partnership with Blume will be an asset to them, letting them leverage Blume's expertise in supply chain alongside the scalability, flexibility and leading AI and ML capabilities of Google Cloud." 


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