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HP: How 3D Printing is Solving Supply Chain Disruptions

HP is holding a webinar “How Additive Manufacturing is Solving Supply Chain Disruptions” on Thursday, July 30, in Singapore.

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As the world begins to adjust to a new normal, organisations in industries worldwide are seeking ways to deal with the aftermath of COVID-19.

With manufacturers continuing to adopt 3D printing at scale in a bid to establish long-term resilience amidst unexpected challenges that threaten the supply chain, digitisation has never been more important.

Through HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology, it is hoped that pressure on supply chains will be eased as they localise production, produce parts on demand, eradicate inventory and benefit from shorter lead times. 

With this in mind, HP is holding a webinar “How Additive Manufacturing is Solving Supply Chain Disruptions” on Thursday, July 30, in Singapore. Through the HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology, it will enable a real time response to unforeseen events, the ability to effectively adjust to new conditions and secure production reliability without compromising quality. 

The webinar will outline how 3D printing helps mitigate supply chain disruptions and provide transformative benefits of Hybrid Manufacturing - an enhanced, one-stop process that mixes the strengths of digital and subtractive manufacturing technologies. The webinar will also offer real-world insights on how firms quickly pivoted to HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology to fill in supply chain gaps and examine megatrends that shape and impact digital manufacturing today and the future.

There is set to be a number of key speakers in attendance at the webinar, including Edward Davis, Director of 3D Strategy, Chief Technologists Office at HP. Davis’s presentation examines 3D printing’s use cases in manufacturing and oversees the product’s lifecycle. He is also set to focus on Bridge Manufacturing and its response to serious Field Failure, among many other key themes.

As part of HP’s partnership with Redington 3D in India, 12 categories of parts have been 3D printed to manufacture 10,000 ventilators for AgVa Healthcare. The ventilators are being deployed across India for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Anshuman Dikshit, Designer Engineer at AgVa Healthcare, will discuss the importance of a resilient supply chain.

Other speakers include Leon Gairns, General Manager of GoProto ANZ, who will discuss Bridge Manufacturing and Optimised Part Assembly for Low Volume Production and Churia Prakash, Application Engineer & Expansion 3D Printing and Manufacturing at HP, on the benefits of HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology. Following the speakers’ presentations, there will be a Q&A session.

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