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Managing risk is an important component to any supply chain.

By not taking the proper precautions, cyberattacks could cost companies millions of dollars. There are a range of risks that various supply chain functions are exposed to, such as: commodity price fluctuations, demand and supply disruptions, network disruptions and regulatory changes. With 2020 now underway, it’s wise that supply chains take the proper measures to thwart the impact of cybercrime.

In a bid to combat that threat, Bristlecone Labs has developed to conquer unforeseen risk and capitalise on actionable insights. is a smart supply chain app that can be your personal risk radar. Configure to your supply chain network to see which global events are impacting your supply nodes. allows supply chains to become more resilient through proactively and prompting risk and opportunity management. It also provides end-to-end visibility of the entire supply chain risks. It is Bristlecone’s flagship SaaS application that monitors events, quantifies their impact and proactively recommends a response to mitigate supply chain risks.

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After you sign up...

  • You will be provided with a holistic view of multiple events happening globally or narrow it down to your choice of event category or industry.

  • Use the daily alerts to mitigate severe supply chain risks by taking timely action to prevent business loss.

  • Compare historic data to draw correlations to the current event and assess the overall impact.

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