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eBay set to introduce new Managed Delivery service by 2020

The global US-based e-commerce company, eBay, is set to introduce a new service called Managed Delivery in 2020 that will enable high-volume sellers to store as well as packing and delivering orders through a network of pre-approved third-party vendors, according to Supply Chain Dive.

It is expected that the programme will enable sellers to store inventory closer to buyers in strategically located warehouses across the country, which is set to decrease delivery time and reduce shipping costs.

In a press release, Devin Wenig, eBay president and CEO, commented: “A common request we hear from our high-velocity sellers is to help make delivery of high-volume items easy and fast in popular categories like electronics, home and garden, and fashion.”


It is anticipated that the boxes used to ship orders for sellers in the program will be eBay branded, and the orders inside will be trackable for buyers and sellers.

Through the use of third parties that allows eBay to connect online sellers to end-to-end solutions without the need to build a large-scale e-commerce fulfilment model, eBay has named Managed Delivery as part of a continued drive to create a more managed marketplace.

EBay are expected to negotiate highly competitive rates on one, two- and three-day shipping options with third parties on eBay seller’s behalf.


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