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Blue Yonder deploys supply chain solutions for METRO wholesaler

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International wholesaler - METRO - deploys Blue Yonder’s forecasting and replenishment solutions to improve its supply chain strategy.

Founded in 1964, METRO is a specialist in serving the needs of hotels, restaurants, caterers and independent traders, providing food and non-food assortments. METRO currently operates in 34 countries with 16mn customers globally.

METRO has chosen to deploy Blue Yonder’s forecasting and replenishment solutions across five countries - initially - to improve its competitive advantages and better serve its customers, with plans to roll out the software globally. 

By combining the two solutions together, METRO’s overall goal is to best serve its customers in whatever channels they choose. As a result, METRO will be able to create accurate forecasts to adjust to demand fluctuations, in order to improve its customer service and profitability. The collaborative solution will predict and shape consumer driven demand, allowing METRO to apply resources strategically, as well as giving the company a holistic approach to inventory planning, replenishment and order fulfillment challenges.


“We needed a single and integrated view of demand across stores and countries so we could better forecast inventory and match customer needs in each country, while driving availability, inventory reduction and profitability,” said Marco Celenta, Global Supply Chain Director at METRO AG. “Working with Blue Yonder, we have developed a templated approach to efficiently implement our Integrated planning program. We look forward to driving a planning culture, based on an integrated view of forecasting and replenishment across all our stores and channels throughout Europe and Asia. We also aim to transform our way to work, creating value and efficiency along the entire chain from supplier to customers, bringing transparency and setting an infrastructure ready for further digital steps and autonomous supply chain.”

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