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The April edition of Supply Chain Digital is now live!

The April edition of Supply Chain Digital is now live!

Welcome to the April edition of Supply Chain Digital!

In our cover feature this month, we look at the biggest consulting companies worldwide and observe how digital transformation is shaping the future of procurement.

Also inside the magazine, we speak with Sebatian Chua, Head of Procurement at Health Promotion Board, to discuss the changing landscape of procurement and the supply chain space. In order to drive change, Chua believes there is no one way to innovate. “There is no golden rule for innovation, we just have to try, learn, change and try again,” he says. “To innovate, we also have to accept that all things are difficult before they become easy. Innovation does not necessarily mean we have to achieve big things. It can start with this simple principle: think big, start small and act fast.”

Elsewhere, we examine what the future for automation in logistics holds. In a special report, we look at McKinsey’s “Automation in logistics: Big opportunity, bigger uncertainty” report, and explore some of the key ways automation is transforming the industry.

There are also in-depth interviews with Henkel, MasterCard, IMI Critical Engineering and Volvo Cars that you won’t want to miss!

Lastly, don’t miss our global Top 10 Supply Chain Schools.

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