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2020 event focus: Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award

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With International Women’s Day just around the corner, discover everything you need to know about the Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award in May 2020.

Currently within the supply chain industry, 14% of women working in the industry are in C-Suite level jobs. While this is a huge increase from 7% in 2014 showing that there is a increase in recognition of the crucial role women can play in the industry.

Although there is still a long way to go to increase the number of women in the supply chain industry, B2G Consulting - an implementation-focused consulting firm - would like to celebrate the remarkable journey that women have made so far within the industry by continuing its Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award this year.

Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award 2020 

The event aims to recognise all women who have achieved extraordinary success in the supply chain industry, by furthering frontiers and tackling taboo topics across the world. 

The category for the awards include: 

  • Global Supply Chain Leader 2020

  • Young Professional 2020

  • Supply Chain Innovation Excellence 2020

  • Supply Chain Transformation Excellence 2020

  • Supply Chain Academic 2020

  • Supply Chain Social Media Influencer 2020

The nominations include those who have self-nominated and those nominated by others.The final nominations will be announced on 23 April 2020.


Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award 2020 in facts and figures:

When: 28 May 2020

Location: Paris, France

Contact details: 

Get to know the organiser - B2G Consulting

Founded in 2010, B2G Consulting is an implementation focused consulting firm, that works to drive significant economic return for global supply chain organisations. With its wealth of business and industry experience B2G consulting’s hands on approach, empowers organisations to transform their end-to-end operations to deliver the highest value at an optimised cost.. “B2G is committed to diversity and collaboration to build, support and celebrate extraordinary teams.”

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