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University of London enables future supply chain professionals with Supply Chain Management degree

The global evolution of the supply chain function continues, as one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom announces a brand-new supply chain management degree.

Th University of London announced in a statement that it will include a MSc in supply Chain Management and Global Logistics as part of its latest degree programme.

The degree will provide equip the supply chain professionals of the future with a 360 degree perspective of the managerial and analytical tools to manage global supply chains. Completing the final project also enables students to contribute to the forefront of supply chain management and global logistics, through demonstrating their originality and skills in the real world.

Co-Programme Director Dr Byung-Gak Son stressed the importance of an effectively managed supply chain, which contributes immensely to the success of global companies like Amazon, Unilever, Nike and The Coca Cola Company. He said: ‘Given the enormous challenges of increasingly global and fragmented supply chains, we professionals require a sound understanding of emerging opportunities and risks and the knowledge and tools to handle them.’

He added: ‘Our degree was developed as a result of rigorous research that we carried out to identify the skills needed by large organisations to successfully manage their supply chains. As a result, we aim to combine a comprehensive understanding of the subject and related disciplines with in-depth knowledge in relevant specialised areas such as innovation and technology management, supply chain finance or analytics.”

The Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics programme has received full accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). Following completion of the MSc, and relevant work experience, students can apply for full membership to become part of the global professional community.

Applications are now open, and close on Monday 4 March 2019.



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