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Sustainable fishing supply chain partners with luxury resort Soneva Jani

Luxury Maldives resort to partner with International Pole & Line Foundation

Luxury resort Soneva Jani, part of the Soneva group, has become the latest company to partner with the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and maintenance of responsible, sustainable tuna fisheries and supply chains.

Located in the Maldives, Soneva Jani is the first resort to join the IPNLF. Soneva joined the program as part of its new Responsible Tourism Initiative, according to a report by Travel Daily News. The initiative is “aimed at improving sustainability in the supply chain in hospitality establishments and enhancing the understanding of one-by-one tuna fisheries, particularly the traditions, the supply and the people.”


Soneva Jani’s social & environmental conscience officer, Arnfinn Oines, said “we proudly work very closely with the local fishermen in the Maldives to ensure supplies of fresh fish caught using sustainable methods. Our membership of the International Pole & Line Foundation further strengthens our commitment to only serving tuna that is caught locally using responsible and transparent fishing practices.”

Joanna Eames, Communications & Outreach Officer at IPNLF stated in a press release that “this Responsible Tourism Initiative creates a clear win-win situation for the hotel groups and local fisheries: The resorts enhance their guest’s experience, while increasing the demand for responsibly caught local fish and contributing to the livelihoods of local fishers. It’s our hope that many more hospitality businesses will follow Soneva’s lead.”


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