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Stora Enso develops digital tags for supply chain transparency

Stora Enso digitally transforms tracking with RFID

The Finnish packaging firm, Stora Enso, has announced the development of a digital tag to use in its supply chain.

The packaging tag was been designed in a bid to improve transparency across the supply chain industry.

The ECO tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) to digitally attach information to products.

The information will create a greater insight for employees and consumers to understand how products were made and transported.


Stora Enso claims the technology can be used in both commercial supply chains and retail and e-commerce applications.

The smart tags are also made from paper as opposed to plastic, making them more sustainable, as well as more cost efficient.

The performance and reliability of the tag is not hindered by its material, which can be recycled.

“Our ECO technology is unique in the sense that it offers a recyclable and plastic layer free option for RFID end-users, thus enabling a digital and sustainable packaging infrastructure,” remarked Martin Ros, Head of Intelligent Packaging at Stora Enso.


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