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Shopify unveils new fulfilment network

The Canada-based e-commerce company, Shopify, has launched a range of new products that are targeted at its core small to medium business customers, according to Supply Chain Dive.

According to a company blog post, new products such as a fulfilment network and digital inventory optimisation tool has been introduced that “predicts the closest fulfilment centres and optimal inventory quantities per location to ensure fast, low-cost delivery.”


Having unveiled “Shopify Plus” for larger, fast-growing retailers that provide a “single view” of all their stores to allow for better integration of operations.

Patrick Cadic, vice president of sales and marketing at UPS fulfillment platform Ware2Go, commented: “Shopify's addition of fulfillment capabilities is confirmation that we're addressing an important challenge in the market. As consumer expectations for both B2B and B2C are set by the biggest players in retail, small and mid-sized businesses are under more strain than ever. A data-driven logistics solution is a critical piece of the puzzle to level the playing field. Going forward, the leaders in this market will be those that give every business the independence to pave their own way.”


Supply Chain Digital Weekly