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The November issue of Supply Chain Digital is now live!

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Welcome to the latest edition of Supply Chain Digital.

Whilst supply chains have been traditionally linear, digital technologies are disrupting outdated models and enabling the creation of a network value chain capable of responding simultaneously, rather than serially.

For our leadership feature this month, EY’s Global Supply Chain Leader Glenn Steinberg illustrates how the business is helping companies reinvent their supply chains for a digital future by embracing automation, utilising cloud technologies to unlock real-time access to that information across the whole value chain. It's just an amazing time right now because the technology is finally here.”

We also speak to one of the world’s biggest distributors of promotional merchandise. BDA’s seasoned Director of Global Sourcing, Rob Bangerter discusses why brands should look at the big picture when it comes to cost savings in sourcing and procurement strategies.

The supply chain has undergone a significant revolution over the past few years, with many world-class leaders at the helm. We take a look at the ones who have made the most influence in this month’s top 10, as well as the best events and conferences to catch in the upcoming year.

Other exclusive insights this month include interviews with Accor, Nebraska Book Company, AEX Gold, Burger King Brasil and more.

Enjoy the magazine, and feel free to join in the conversation on Twitter: @Business_Chief

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