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Lufthansa Cargo unveils new e-commerce unit

The Germany-based cargo airline, Lufthansa Cargo, has confirmed a new wholly-owned subsidiary that is set to serve the cross-border e-commerce market, according to Supply Chain Dive.

The new subsidiary, called heyworld, will integrate into Lufthansa’s existing cargo services and include offerings such as heyworld API that will enable customers’ existing ERP systems to be tailored pricing options and customised shipment tracking “at the package level.”

Heyworld’s website states: “Our shipping solutions cross borders and combine airfreight with last mile delivery. Our services range from moving stock to warehouses abroad to direct shipping to your customers around the globe.”


The launch is the latest indication that the increasing cross-border e-commerce parcel volumes are beginning to impact the air freight industry.

Lufthansa’s press release states: “Ongoing digitisation has resulted in new standards with multiple layers, especially in the e-commerce segment, that go beyond the conventional core business of a cargo airline.”

E-commerce is having an increasing amount of influence on the air freight industry in recent times. Lately, Amazon has begun to enter the space with PrimeAir, following FedEx’s split from the e-commerce giant.


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