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Four steps for an ethical supply chain

Four steps for an ethical supply chain

1. Research your product.

You need to find out how your product actually made and where the raw materials actually come from.

2. Research your supply chain

You can’t understand your supply chain unless you physically see it with your own eyes.

Ask the workers questions: How much do you work? Are you happy here? Can you provide for your family? What’s the turnover rate? If you see or sense something dirty, trust your gut.

3. Hire feet on the ground

Hire an on-site team independent from the factory operator to ensure that your interests are represented and that the operator can be held to account.

4. Work with third-party certifiers

In order to preserve a variety of standards, use a third party (for example, the Rainforest Alliance) that can spot things that you might not be able to. The added bonus of partnering with these ethical accreditors could very well equate to increased interest in your business.

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