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Emerge and Kuebix collaborate to establish partnership

A partnership between Emerge, a provider of its proprietary Private Freight Marketplace (PFM) and TMS provider, Kuebix, has been established, according to SupplyChain247.

It is thought that the key elements of the partnership is the addition of the Emerge marketplace to the Kuebix Community Load Match, a single source providing attractive rates and capacity opportunities through the Kuebix carrier base.

It is anticipated that the partnership will allow shippers using Kuebix to obtain extra truckload capacity through the Emerge marketplace, in addition with shippers gaining access to contracted rates and the spot market through the same system interface.

In a statement, Dan Clark, Kuebix founder and President, commented: “We’re pleased to connect the Kuebix shipping community with Emerge’s massive network of brokers and direct carrier assets. Kuebix is uniquely providing our customers access to their contracted rates alongside a digital spot marketplace for additional truckload capacity, all in one convenient system. Now members of the Kuebix community get the best of both worlds to find the most efficient rates and the capacity they require to meet their shipping needs.”

The two companies revealed that the partnership is beneficial for shippers that are seeking additional truckload capacity or more rate options by posting a shipment to the Kuebix Community Load Match and then beginning to receive spot quotes.

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