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Accenture to help Saipem deliver digital transformation programme

Accenture is to help deliver Saipem's digital transformation programme

Accenture has been selected by the global energy and construction services firm Saipem to help deliver its global digital transformation programme.

Under the terms of the deal, Accenture will lead the provision of IT Infrastructure, networking and telecommunications services and manage the evolution of Saipem’s key business applications.

Over the five-year agreement, Accenture will support Saipem’s move to a new IT model, progressing its journey to the cloud, by leveraging cloud computing and network virtualisation, and enabling adoption of the latest digital technologies to sustain and improve business performance.

These technologies include big data and analytics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, automation and cybersecurity protection.

Accenture will manage the migration of the majority of Saipem’s servers to a Microsoft Azure public cloud platform and will build a private cloud for the remaining servers, delivering a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service capability.

It will also implement a software-defined wide-area network, and manage and optimise Saipem’s IT infrastructure, network and core digital business application services in a flexible and scalable environment.


And in collaboration with an international telecommunications company, Accenture will jointly provide Saipem with new global telecommunications services and technologies including private, broadband and satellite access, bringing efficiency and reliability to remote engineering and construction sites.

“As part of the Saipem Digital Transformation program, we are delighted to collaborate with Accenture in implementing the reshaping of IT sourcing, and confident that we can better serve our clients,” said Antonio Careddu, Director for Innovation, Systems and Corporate Marketing, Saipem.

Fausto Torri, a managing director in Accenture Resources and client account lead for Saipem, commented: “We look forward to providing Saipem with greater flexibility to support its global operations, unlock the capability to innovate, optimise and evolve its application portfolio, and leverage the potential of big data analytics.

“This project will build on our successful collaboration with Saipem over the last 20 years.”


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