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The winners of the Ecovadis 2019 Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards

The winners of the Ecovadis 2019 Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards

The world’s leading provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains has announced the winners of the 2019 sustainable procurement leadership awards.

Ecovadis unveiled its 2019 Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards winners at its annual Sustain conference this week in Paris. The awards are designed to shine the spotlight on excellence in sustainability and sustainable procurement across multiple categories including: stakeholder engagement, supplier engagement, supplier portfolio CSR performance improvement, programme leadership and regional performance.


“Each year we see organisations raising the bar in sustainable procurement practices and seeing real business value from their commitment to sustainability. This year we were amazed with the outstanding quality of nominees,” said Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO, EcoVadis. “Our 2019 winners are models of leadership, igniting change toward a more sustainable future not only in their own companies, but in their industries and the world.”

The awards are designated across four categories:

Sustainable Procurement: Best Internal Stakeholder Engagement – Clariant
Sustainable Procurement: Best Value Chain Engagement – Air Liquide
Sustainable Procurement: Best Portfolio CSR Performance Improvement – Henkel
Outstanding Programme Leadership - Cécilia Frasnetti - Saint-Gobain

EcoVadis also awarded Sustainability Leadership Awards for rated suppliers based on their EcoVadis score for Best regional performance and Best industry category performance.

Sustainability Leadership: Best regional performance

This award recognises the best EcoVadis score performance in five geographic regions:

Sustainability Leadership: Best industry category performance

This awards the highest EcoVadis score among companies who completed an EcoVadis assessment in 2018, in each of nine macro-categories and two corporate categories:

Construction: Fadep Srl

Light Manufacturing: Majencia

Wholesale / Tertiary Services: Start People

Heavy Manufacturing: Novacarb

Transportation: Blb Transport and TecnoFer SpA

Advanced Manufacturing: SCLE SFE

Information and Communications Technology: DCS Easyware SAS

Food and Beverage: Refresco Benelux

Finance / Legal / Consulting / Advertising: BearingPoint France SAS



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