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Network Rail launches initiative to streamline procurement

Network Rail has launched its new technology Supplier Qualification System (SQS), designed to improve market engagement, provide greater visibility of business opportunities and reduce the time it takes to award contracts.

The SQS –which includes IT services and goods across technologies, professional services, solution delivery and support services – has been established following extensive market research, which showed that suppliers wanted a more efficient contracting process.

Now, once suppliers have registered and qualified on the SQS, they will no longer be required to complete a set of pre-qualification questions each time they participate in a competitive process.

Network Rail is encouraging suppliers, especially small and medium sized businesses, to register for the SQS as it will be the primary sourcing platform for future procurement opportunities within the technology categories outlined above.


In February, the industry body announced it was embarking on a procurement programme worth some £47bn with its supply chain partners. 

Glen Combe, head of commercial for technology at Network Rail, said: “The feedback from vendors so far has been very positive and we are encouraging organisations to register.

“The new SQS will streamline the procurement process by removing the need for suppliers to go through a prequalification process each time they are invited to tender. It also provides greater visibility of business opportunities and reduces the time it takes to award contracts.”


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