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IBM to collaborate with LevaData to transform direct procurement

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LevaData has announced plans to collaborate with IBM to deliver cognitive analytics and direct procurement sourcing services.

LevaData and IBM are embracing intelligent and agile supply chains, with both companies working to design solutions that learn from experience to create reliabiable, transparent analytics that provide competitive advantages.

The new solution ‘DirectSpend IQ’ combines IBM’s expert services with LevaData’s cognitive sourcing platform to deliver actionable insights and recommendations. The solution will allow procurement leaders to make smarter business decision in relation to cost saving and process transformation.

This capability is currently being adopted within IBM’s own direct materials procurement organisation to drive increase in annual cost savings. 


“The technologies that transformed disciplines like engineering and finance have been slow to reach supply chain management and procurement. In an era defined by software, data and AI, the mission-critical procurement function needs to operate with the full benefit of AI-based predictive analytics,” said LevaData founder and CEO Rajesh Kalidindi. “LevaData and IBM are committed to ensuring leaders in global manufacturing industries can achieve competitive advantage by increasing agility, driving efficiencies and reducing risk.”

“Applied AI, analytics and process automation have become essential to innovative supply chain transformation,” adds IBM’s Chief Procurement Officer Bob Murphy. “As enterprises continue to invest in cognitive technologies to improve their agility and competitiveness, LevaData and IBM are committed to a solution that is able to adapt and learn.”

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