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Co-op joins with RTRS for sustainable sourcing

Co-op will work with RTRS for a sustainable supply chain transformation.

UK supermarket group Co-op has made a commitment to sustainability within its supply chain, through joining with the global Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS).

The company aims to ensure that 100% of soy products within its supply chain are certified as sustainably sourced.

It was announced earlier this week that Co-op will use RTRS’ standards to make sure all soy sourced for it own-brand products comes from sources classified as ‘deforestation free’.


Suppliers who work with RTRS companies have to make sure their land is not damaged by increasing soy production, so must bear in mind issues such as biodiversity and deforestation. A key use of soy products within Co-op’s supply chain is in animal feed for its meat products.

Sustainable sourcing and Fairtrade manager Sarah Wakefield said: “The increasing demand for animal feed and rising global consumption of meat is having a major impact on the environment in major soya producing countries in South America, as well as the wildlife which depends on the native vegetation for its very survival.

“This is an issue which will create major challenges for the environment tomorrow, unless transparent, joined-up and decisive steps are taken today.”



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