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Uber launches Uber Freight for shippers

Uber has launched a platform for shippers in its Uber Freight app, the company has announced

Uber has launched a new platform for shippers which will allow carriers to book a load with the touch of a button.

The new platform is to be integrated into its existing Uber Freight app, which was launched last year, giving shippers of all sizes a direct connection to Uber Freight’s vast carrier network, enabling them to see instant upfront load pricing, tender a load with only a few clicks and track their shipment from start to finish.

In a statement, Uber said the platform was built in close collaboration with shippers to help transform a process that would typically take them hours to complete and often leave them in the dark on market prices and whether they were getting the right carrier.


Features of the platform include:

  • Shippers will be able to create and tender loads with just a few clicks
  • Instant marketplace pricing: Instant and transparent price quotes for shipments will be available
  • Access to Uber Freight’s network of carriers and drivers
  • Track freight in real-time
  • Streamline document management: Upon delivery, necessary documents and paperwork are automatically organised and stored

As part of the roll-out, Uber Freight published a number of customer testimonials, including the following from Alan Burk, Purchasing Manager, American Tile & Stone: “Uber Freight is leaps and bounds ahead of what we’ve done in the past.

“Anybody who doesn’t jump on this type of platform is kidding themselves. The days of using telephones are getting fewer and farther between. If it’s easy to use and you can access it whenever you need to, it’s a no-brainer.”


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