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Cutting-edge technology on the cards for majority of logistics operators

The majority of logistics firms are likely to invest in emerging technology in the next 12 months

Almost 70% of operators working in the logistics space will be investigation or implementing innovative supply chain solutions, according to a new report.

In its annual ‘Logistics Confidence Index’, Barclays has detailed how increased collaboration between customers and operators is key to effective logistics solutions and “is clearly becoming a clear focus for operators looking to improve efficiency.”

More advanced planning, forecasting and delivery services are also beginning to gain traction in response to the growth in a number of e-commerce players.

The report continued: “Big data has become the hot topic in the sector over the last six months. The quality of data available to operators is one of the most significant opportunities for optimising workflows and gaining competitive advantage, but also represents one of its toughest challenges.

“The key question is how to use it to the best advantage.”

Almost half (47%) of the companies responding to the survey said they had already invested significant resources in optimising the use of data and a quarter (23%) say they will be implementing supply chain data solutions in the next 12 months.


The report found that operators appear to be more advanced in the application of cloud services than in some of the other technological innovations.

Just over a quarter (27%) said they will be implementing cloud-enabled supply chain solutions over the next 12 months, underlining a clear focus on operational efficiency.  

Greater operational visibility and reporting was cited as the most important benefit of logistics technology, said almost a third (31%) of respondents.

However, it appears that smart technology will take longer to become widely used; just 9% of operators said they are investing the use of driverless trucks. 

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