Michele Palumbo, a generative manager

Bayer Italy's Head of Supply Chain Management tells us he likes to encourage his team to work independently and is passionate about circular economy.

Michele Palumbo

Head of Supply Chain Management

Michele Palumbo has worked at Bayer Italy for over 10 years; first working in procurement, implementing a framework for logistics and customs, followed by managing distribution and logistics department which included a fleet of 1,200 vehicles. In 2017 he became Head of Supply Chain Management, where he leads a team of 15 people, finding solutions to the distribution challenges that a pharmaceutical giant faces. 

Palumbo calls himself a 'generative manager', as he encourages colleagues to work autonomously, sharing his objectives and offering continuous feedback. An important part of this is making people feel valued, something that stimulates productivity. "I provide reasons for doing things before taking action," he adds. "That way we can make things happen – you start with 'why', which leads you to 'how'". 

Passionate about the circular economy, this was the subject of the thesis Palumbo completed during a Masters in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. Today he applies its principles in his work. "Circular economy is not just a slogan – it is something concrete. If you are really convinced that it creates benefits for all, then you have to follow that path and walk the talk. This is exactly what I did. And along the way I found a lot of partners that are aligned with this vision and can get these ideas off the ground." 

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I provide reasons for doing things before taking action,

Michele Palumbo | Bayer