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Michael Thompson is bringing his extensive experience in direct-to-consumer food to Sun Basket’s supply chain

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Michael Thompson
Sun Basket


An experienced executive in the direct-to-consumer space, Michael Thompson has spent more than a decade bringing food and cosmetics to clients’ doors. Before joining Sun Basket, Thompson worked at NatureBox, a time which he reflects was valuable in preparation for his current role.  

“NatureBox was a smaller customizable snack-of-the-month club with about 100 different products offered. Though a smaller company, it was a fun challenge to help the company expand its reach. I joined when the company was doing about $25mn in sales and we quickly brought the company to $60-70mn in sales, by also branching into delivering snacks for offices, on shelf retailers and other commercial clients like airlines,” he recalls. 

Prior to joining NatureBox, Thompson worked for eight years with an omni-channel cosmetics company Bare Essentials, starting with distribution and customer service for the direct-to-consumer channel, and then overseeing a number of functions across its supply chain, like supply planning and inventory management.

“When it came to joining Sun Basket, my previous experiences meant I was already pretty familiar with the subscription-based service world and had already had a little taste of working for a company that provided healthier offerings,” Thompson reflects. “I liked the opportunity to deliver food to customers that provided a much better, healthier experience.” 

Sun Basket’s positioning at the premium, health-conscious end of the meal kit delivery market was a large factor in Thompson’s decision to join the company. “I appreciated the way Sun Basket was positioning itself on the premium, organic, health-conscious side of the market, with better brand standards than some of its competitors,” he says.  

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We have lots of great relationships with the farmers near us, particularly the organic operators, since 99% of the vegetables we buy are organic certified

Michael Thompson | Sun Basket