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SAP Ariba
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Topping the list is SAP Ariba, the leading global spend management network, that allows companies to monitor spending and cut costs by enabling buyers and suppliers to work together. Originally acquired by SAP in 2012, SAP Ariba is recognised as the go-to place for companies to connect in order to get business done. Through its Ariba Network, 4.2mn companies in over 190 countries are connected, unlocking new opportunities and collaborating on transactions to further its business relationships. Transacting $2.9trn costs in business commerce every year, the Ariba Network controls costs, manages spend and minimizes risks through data-driven insights to streamline the user experience. More than on the Ariba Network to uncover new opportunities and work together on transactions with the view to further their relationships. With over $7.9bn of goods and services traded every day, SAP Ariba is considered the largest business-to-business network worldwide.

HQ: Palo Alto, California (US)

No. of Employees: 3,636 (SAP, 2015)

Revenue: €24.7bn ($27.3bn)


Relevant Executive (LinkedIn): Darren Koch, Chief Product Officer



Image: SAP Ariba Press.


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