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Oliver Freeman|Nov 27, 2020|magazine

3 min read

Introducing the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain

Read NowSupply Chain Digital launches its celebration of the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain. Check it out and vote now.

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The 10 Best Supply Chain Companies of 2020

Supply Chain Digital explores the 10 ‘best’ supply chain companies of 2020 in this weeks edition of our Top 10.

Oliver Freeman
|Nov 06, 2020|magazine

1 min read

One Network Enterprises: The US$43mn Naval Contract

The United States Navy has awarded One Network Enterprises a large contract for their company’s leading autonomous supply chain solution.

Oliver Freeman
|Nov 06, 2020|magazine

10 min read

Penske Logistics: FCA Supplier of the Year, 2020

Penske Logistics has been titled FCA Supplier of the Year, for their industry-leading solutions for transportation, warehousing, and freight management.

Oliver Freeman
|Nov 05, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies

Supply Chain Digital explores Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies 2020, sharing insights on the current technology trends.

Oliver Freeman
|Nov 03, 2020|magazine

8 min read

Mastercard: Greater Visibility into Commodity Supply Chains

Mastercard and GrainChain have come together to create a new level of transparency across commodity supply chains through blockchain technology.

Oliver Freeman
|Nov 02, 2020|magazine

10 min read

Christmas Shopping Season to Strain Supply Chain Networks

Global supply chain networks ready themselves for an increased demand of e-commerce-based orders as we enter an early holiday season.

Oliver Freeman
|Oct 30, 2020|magazine

10 min read

UPS: Exponential Growth in Global Freight Transportation

UPS announced its third-quarter earnings, which revealed tremendous growth, outpacing all professional expectation and predictions.

Oliver Freeman
|Oct 29, 2020|magazine

8 min read

BSI: COVID-19's link to Cargo Theft and Labour Exploitation

The British Standards Institution has found increases in cargo theft, child labour, and smuggling activities globally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oliver Freeman
|Oct 28, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Accenture and MIT: Stress Testing Supply Chain Resilience

Accenture and MIT have teamed up to proactively assess a global supply chain’s ability to mitigate the impact of disruptive events.

Oliver Freeman
|Oct 27, 2020|magazine

9 min read

Vanderbilt: Shipping Possibilities in the Arctic Ocean

Vanderbilt University is sending three academics on a mission to establish whether the Arctic ocean has viable shipping routes, now that it’s melting.

Oliver Freeman
|Oct 26, 2020|magazine

8 min read


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