Laura is a Canadian-based freelance business writer with a supply chain focus. She brings with her over twenty years of industry experience in the manufacturing sector and has a serious love for procurement and all things supply chain.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Laura V. Garcia|Jan 26, 2021|magazine

13 min read

Bain & Company Dispels 5 Myths of Building Resiliency

Read NowBain & Company dispels five myths that stand in the way of building organisational toughness.

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McKinsey; Risk Management for Risky Times

On Friday McKinsey & Company shared how companies can mitigate risks during unprecedently risky times

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 25, 2021|magazine

6 min read

China/ U.S. Trade Deal: China Coming Up Short

China comes up short on its agreement to boost U.S. imports by $200bn (£146bn)

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 23, 2021|magazine

5 min read

The Winners of DSS Safety and Sustainability Awards

We introduce you to the winners of the Dupont Sustainable Solutions global Safety and Sustainability Awards

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 22, 2021|magazine

7 min read

Amazon prepares to deliver 100 Million Vaccines in 100 days

Amazon offers to pitch in and help new US President Joe Biden deliver 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 21, 2021|magazine

5 min read

The Fight Against Plastic Polution and The Impacts of COVID

We take a look at how Covid-19 has exposed new issues and taken us many steps back in our fight against plastic polution

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 17, 2021|magazine

9 min read

Nike’s Really Done It- Inspiring Sustainability

We speak to Eric Sprunk, Nike Chief Operating Officer about their inspiringly sustainable 1.5-Million-Sq-Ft Logistics Campus in Ham, Belgium

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 15, 2021|magazine

9 min read

eCommerce Returns; The Nightmare After Christmas

UPS Forecasts record-breaking returns, expecting to see a 23% increase over 2020 peak period

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 11, 2021|magazine

7 min read

Procurement Risk Management: Supply Chains Under Attack

Supply Chain Digital explores the state of risk management across global supply chain networks

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 10, 2021|magazine

15 min read

LA Struggles; The Domino Effect of Congested Ports

The Port of Los Angeles is becoming congested due to global supply chain issues caused by COVID-19. What’s the knock-on effect?

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 08, 2021|magazine

7 min read

Amazon Purchases New Planes To Bolster Airfreight Capacity

Amazon expands its air logistics capabilities through the purchase of eleven new planes, alleviating supply chain pressures elsewhere

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 07, 2021|magazine

5 min read


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