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There are more and more logistics jobs becoming available

Ten Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Logistics

Philip Rudy explains why you won't look back from a career in logistics
Who else would be No. 1?

Top 10: Supply Chain Blogs

Supply Chain Digital breaks down the Top 10 supply chain blogs that you should your eye on
The Amundsen-Scott base poses a logistics challenge

Top 10: Extreme Supply Chain Locations

The global supply chain needs to service every city on the planet. What are the top 10 most difficult places to get to?
Optimus Prime is the coolest truck on any planet

Top 10: Coolest Trucks

Supply Chain Digital takes a look at the Top 10 coolest trucks in the world today, including the Transformers' Optimus Prime
Where shouldn't you park the company truck?

Top 10: Places You Shouldn't Park the Company Truck

From golf course parking lots to strip clubs, Supply Chain Digital has identified ten places where you shouldn't park the company truck

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