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Deloitte Survey: Organisations in need of data analytics to detect supply chain fraud, waste and abuse

The survey reveals that nearly one third of business executives have faced supply chain fraud, waste or abuse in the past year

The future of supply chain management and its use of technology

Future supply chain management leaders will strive to fully integrate today's industry-leading best practices relying heavily on advanced modelling tools and cloud-based systems

ANT Telecom to supply comms solution to Eurotunnel

Digital radio package to provide site-wide & emergency channel communication set to go live on April 5

Portek goes live with Epicor ERP

The Enterprise Resource Planning solution is set to streamline operations and support growth for the Singapore-based port equipment engineering solutions provider

KC Integrated Solutions installs 8X8's cloud communications solution

The 8X8 cloud-based solution ensures communications between KC Integrated Services' 14 US locations remain intact through stormy winter seasons

Part two: Untangling the retail supply chain with real-time analytics

In an increasingly competitive retail world, a more instantaneous way of looking at data is needed to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of discerning customers

Part one: Untangling the retail supply chain with real-time analytics

In an increasingly competitive retail world, a more instantaneous way of looking at data is needed to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of discerning customers

Part 1: PROS on supply chain sales and data, what to do next?

In the second of a two parter, Sebastian Mamro of PROS Big Data Analytics concludes his look at how companies can use data effectively

Part 1: Making the connection, using data for better supply chain sales performance, by PROS

In the first of a two parter, Sebastian Mamro of PROS Big Data Analytics offers us his insight into how companies can use data effectively

Global cargo trade taking off with technology

Making the most of ICT solutions is the final cog in the efficiency wheel for transporting goods by air

Part 2: How retailers can leverage PLM to enhance their sourcing processes

In the conclusion to a two-parter, experts from ITC Infotech list the issues surrounding how retailers can leverage PLM to enhance their sourcing processes

Leveraging supply chain data integration for actionable business intelligence

Donna Fritz from Take Supply Chain takes us through three steps to leveraging supply chain data integration for actionable business intelligence

Part 1: How retailers can leverage PLM to enhance their sourcing processes

In the first of a two-parter, experts from ITC Infotech discuss how retailers can leverage PLM to enhance their sourcing processes

PLM and the Cloud, by Siemens PLM Software

Eduard Marfà from Siemens PLM Software explores the challenges that must be addressed if a cloud-based approach to PLM is to get widespread buy-in, the practical benefits that a cloud-based approach brings to PLM, how a PLM system deployed on the cloud can enhance collaboration and innovation in an organisation and how the cloud can help increase mobility within an organisation

Made.com & Smiffy's discuss the role of Cloud Technology with Adapt

Adapt technology company recently held a webinar with Made.com - the website which allows users to buy bespoke or designer furniture directly from the manufacturers - and Smiffy's - fancy dress costume experts - to discuss the role of Cloud Technology in business development, the supply chain and seasonality

Rugged mobile computers have a story to tell

The history of rugged hand held devices, adapted for the rough and tumble of the logistics world, is a grand one. And just look at how far they have come...

The rise of Little Data for B2B companies, by Zilliant

Pete Eppele, Senior Vice President of Products and Science for Zilliant, argues that Little Data holds potential for B2B companies and offers us his insight

Q&A with Paul Young, Head of Packaging Services, DHL Supply Chain

The following is a Q&A with Paul Young of DHL Supply Chain, who spoke at Packaging Innovations this month (26 & 27 February 2014). He opened day one of the show with 'Packaging in 2050: A Scenario study'. By using DHL commissioned research, Paul divulged five visions of the most critical factors - including trade and consumption patterns, technological and social trends as well as climate change and an estimation of their probable impact on people's behaviour and values in 2050

Removing hypotheses for fault-finding in Six Sigma to revolutionise quality management

In the following piece, Dan Somers of analytics firm Warwick Analytics argues for the benefits of utlising non hypothesis software in a Six Sigma toolkit

Datacentre cooling techniques could reduce energy bills

The temperature controlled supply chain, or 'cold chain', is one area where logistics innovates and assimilates the latest technology. Here we are asked to consider whether advances in datacentre cooling to be transferred to other working environments

Omni-Channel not just for retail anymore, by Oracle

The implications for the wider supply chain world of hot-topic Omni-Channel retailing, the evolution of multi-channel retailing into a seamless approach to the consumer experience, stretch further than the consumer retail experience

Strengthening with multibank supply chain finance solutions

Regular contributor Oliver Belin looks into the benefits of supply chain finance and highlights the added value of such mulitbanking solutions

How will supply chains change in 2014? By DHL Supply Chain

In the first of a two-parter, Mark Patterson, Vice President of Innovation and Product Incubation at DHL Supply Chain examines what trends are expected to shape supply chains in 2014. Check back tomorrow for Part 2

Big Data's big potential for Supply Chains, by Verify Brand

Mark Prokosch, Vice President of Verify Brand discusses how technology offers greater security, improved product visibility and higher profitability

Importance of multi-domain Master Data Management, by Stibo Systems

Here one CEO champions the benefits of multi-domain Master Data Management

Six logistics mobile apps that can help any business

Logistics management would not be the same today without some logistics mobile applications that make the entire transporting process so much easier and more productive. Apps are being developed constantly, and there are millions of them available to support our everyday life in all its aspects.

Adapt to host 'cloud in context' webinar with retailers

Made.com, Gondola Group and Smiffy's to discuss the cloud's role in retail and retail supply chain in webinar hosted by IT services provider Adapt

Seven key features of effective supply chain dashboards, by TAKE Supply Chain

In the third of a series of articles from TAKE Supply Chain, Anil Kodali tells us what we need to know to effectively and efficiently utlise our supply chain dashboard

Amazon unmanned drones, biggest development for years?

Sam Phipps looks at what could be driving tomorrow's supply chain, Amazon's much-publicised move to introduce drones technology into the supply chain

Impact of Big Data and Analytics in supply chain execution

With the pace of data production picking up and making the headlines, here one CEO tells us about the benefits of Big Data in supply chain execution

Technology and the supply chain, by Nashtec

For many years now, we've been looking for ways to simplify transporting something from A to B. Whether it's the invention of the wheel in prehistoric times, to the utilisation of the internet, we're constantly looking for new ways to aid the supply chain

International Institute of Refrigeration's International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain in June 2014 in London

UK to host major International Refrigeration Conference in London, June 2014

Norbert Dentressangle invests in Isotrak tanker tracking technology

European logistics giant will track its entire fleet including even driving style in an effort to support health and safety push following mass rollout of advanced system

CASE STUDY: Fraikin adopts cloud-based Tinubu Risk Management Center

Here at Supply Chain Digital, we sometimes feature case studies when they reveal aspects or information that could prove useful to Execs and insiders, or could be of intereat to enthusiasts. The following details a successful industrial vehicle provider's introduction of a risk management centre to better monitor customers following expansion of its business

DHL publishes trend report on Big Data

Logistics companies could become the "search engines of the real world" according to DHL, which has just published its trend report on big data, part of the DHL Logistics Trend Radar series of studies

Making point of sale mobile means better service, by Maxatec

Tom Abbott of Maxatec tells us how all kinds of businesses can gain from mobilising their point-of-sale. He says that in today's service driven world it just makes sense and soon reaps rewards

The untapped potential of Product Lifecycle Management

With the benefits of the PLM process increasingly being appreciated, specialist Dave Green of HCL Technologies tells us why it is important to let it spread its wings across multiple departments

Part 2, ediTRACK on prioritising ethics over profits: the cost benefits

In the second of a two-parter from supply chain software solution provider ediTRACK, Andy Sammars reveals how to profitably implement Corporate Social Responsibility into the supply chain

ediTRACK on prioritising ethics over profits: the cost benefits, part 1

In the first of a two-parter from supply chain software solution provider ediTRACK, Andy Sammars discusses the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, why some companies may be failing to implement it into their supply chains and offers us his insight into the cost benefits

The balance between functionality and ease of integration

In the second of a series of articles from TAKE Supply Chain Solutions, Anil Kodali tells us why, in order to ensure the best return on your investment, it is crucial to understand the outcomes you can expect from any functionality

Celestica Healthtech on medical manufacturers and RoHS planning

Simin Bagheri of Celestica Healthtech here offers her insight to medical device manufacturers, detailing how and why it is so important to get the supply chain prepared for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and its regulations

Managing supply chain peak periods, by Automic

As we enter the middle of the busy Cristmas and New Year period, Craig Beddis of Automic discusses strategies of coping with supply chain peaks with regards to strategy

Survey shows majority of ERP projects are confused disappointments

Survey by K3 FDS and carried out by Vanson Bourne shows 15 percent of implementations come in on budget

Infosys on the perfect retail Xmas with optimised supply chain data

Prateek Sinha, Associate Partner, Retail and Consumer Goods at consultants Infosys explains it'll be a blue, blue Christmas without optimised supply chain data management

Help solve Santa's seasonal logistics problem, with Edinburgh Napier University

Ever wanted to make Santa's job easier? Well now you can assist the bearded jolly man by showing his sleigh the way to your chimney with technology developed by logistics software experts from Edinburgh Napier University, designed to help companies optimise their delivery strategies in time for Christmas

DHL deploys 55,000 Honeywell mobile computers

DHL is equipping its employees with 55,000 Honeywell Dolphin 99EX mobile computers, as featured in Supply Chain Digital's focus on hand-held devices in October's edition of the online magazine

How Demand-Driven Forecasting paid off for Nestle

Charles Chase, Chief Industry Consultant for the supply chain global practice at SAS, explains how an innovative solution to improve supply chain efficiencies has worked for a multi-national food and beverage company

Morrisons Supermarket goes digital with tablet computers

Our focus on hand-held devices continues with a look at the other side of the coin, the use of commercial tablet PCs in the supply chain of one the UK's biggest supermarkets

The future of supply chain management technology, with AEB

Claire Umney, General Manager of AEB (International), offers us her insight into the future potential of supply chain management technology and what needs to be considered when implementing electronica

Part 2: The (augmented) reality of Google Glass on your Supply Chain

In part 2 of a series of articles on augmented reality and Google Glass in the supply chain from Jacqueline Toms of hybris software, the Director of Marketing continues her look into the opportunities this technology poses

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