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Managing supplier non-compliance requires a proactive approach

With 75 percent of organisations having experienced at least one supply chain disruption incident in the last year, we investigate how transparency can alleviate such issues

Infographic: From manufacture to match- The journey of a football

As the World Cup approaches, it seems appropriate to track the journey of the forgotten man of the pitch, but perhaps its most important occupant, from factory to pitch

DHL extends Boots supply chain contract until 2018

The logistics company will manage the pharmacy and health and beauty retailer's network of cross dock, chill and transport operations for the next five years

Three core trends impacting UK supply chain skills in 2014, by BiS Henderson

Andy Kane, CEO of Bis Henderson, offers us his insight into what impactful core trends have emerged so far this year and the effect they are having on supply chains

Lean, mean and emerging from the recession

With the global recession came the need to tighten belts and get lean, but now that the developed world is undeniably recovering companies should remember what was learnt in the hard times if they want to get with the good

Part 2: High performance supply chains, by JDA Software Group

In the second of a two-parter, industry expert Puneet Saxena of JDA discusses implementing a segmented supply chain strategy for profitable growth and competitive advantage

Part 1: High performance supply chains, by JDA Software Group

In the first of a two-parter, industry expert Puneet Saxena of JDA discusses implementing a segmented supply chain strategy for profitable growth and competitive advantage. Check back tomorrow for part two, which deals with inventory planning, master planning and replenishments, allocation planning and order promising, profitable execution and technology enablement

The March edition of Supply Chain Digital is here

The March edition of Supply Chain Digital is here, providing news and information for supply chain executives

Research into natural, political & economic disasters' impact

Professor to look at the risks to the supply chain from extremes of climate to economic upheaval and political unrest

The holy grail of supply chain: visibility meets predictive analytics, by E2open

Below is the latest in a series of thought leadership articles on issues in the supply chain written by Patrick Lemoine, Vice President of Customer Solutions at leading provider of cloud-based supply chain solutions, E2open. In this outing he muses on supply chain visibility and declares that it means a lot more than simply sharing forecast information

Part 2: Supply chain alignment, the Wal-Mart story

In the second instalment of a two parter from Vijay Mehra of Phase 5 Group, the writer discusses key issues surrounding supply chain alignment, using Wal-Mart as a case study. Check our website for part 1

Part 1: Supply chain alignment, the critical success factor

In the first instalment of a two parter from Vijay Mehra of Phase 5 Group, the writer discusses key issues surrounding supply chain alignment. Check back tomorrow for part 2

How logistics assessment improves business performance, by Rocket Consulting

In the following piece, Jim Lodwick of Rocket PR offers us his insight into how companies should assess their logistics to ensure it is not a weak link

The Corporate Virtualisation phenomenon, by Proxima

In the following piece from procurement specialists Proxima, it is argued that the definition of a "Company" has changed

Shorthaul Intermodal Operations to be discussed at Intermodal Asia

Michael Pal, of Fremantle Ports, will present a case study titled 'Shorthaul Landside Sea Freight Intermodal Operations' at Intermodal Asia 2014, which takes place from 1-3 April at the Shanghai World Expo Center

Fundamental failings in Lean procurement

Management boards are failing to properly apply Lean principles to procurement due to a lack of understanding and organisational alignment

Global supply chain trends for 2014, by Avnet

The following is a report by experts from global technology distributor Avnet, Inc. who, as the calendar turns from business management planning to implementation and execution for 2014, have taken the time to offer their insight into trends that will influence the global supply chain in the new year and beyond

Part 2: how will supply chains change in 2014? By DHL Supply Chain

In the second of a two-parter, Mark Patterson, Vice President of Innovation and Product Incubation at DHL Supply Chain examines what trends are expected to shape supply chains in 2014

Supply Chain Digital February is here!

The February edition of Supply Chain Digital is live, just click in the top left hand corner to peruse our latest offerings

International Week of Transport and Logistics coming up

SITL Europe provides the international meeting place for transport, logistics and freight forwarding in Paris at the start of April

Report claims investment in low emissions decreasing

Regulatory uncertainty stymies corporate investment in supply chain sustainability, finds CDP and Accenture report

The logistics behind the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Wasp Barcode Technologies, a barcode solutions and productivity provider, has provided the following piece on the logistics surrounding the Russia Winter Olympics

Green is good for business, by DA Systems

Dave Upton of DA Systems argues that investing in ways to become more environmentally friendly is good for business

Value of true end-to-end intercontinental transportation planning, by JDA Software

When it comes to world-class transportation and logistics management, companies must strive to deliver on two critical mandates: containing costs and sustaining service

Sedex supply chain risk briefing's spotlight on Latin America

Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, has explored supply chain risks in South America, partnering with leading risk analytics experts Maplecroft to shine a spotlight on the region

RTW research shows worker engagement is key to reputation

New research has revealed that it is critical for retailers to heighten engagement with workers and trading partners in the supply chain to safeguard against reputational risk

AIAG to map automotive supply chain

An industry group has secured the support of some of the biggest names in the automotive world in its plan to map the industry's supply chain

MODEX 2014, greatest supply chain show on earth?

New supply chain and manufacturing event MODEX 2014 will be held March 17-20 in Atlanta, US, offering 150 educational sessions on the latest supply chain thinking

UK to fill 285,000 logistics jobs & transform industry image

In the UK, a five-year strategy has been unveiled with buy-in from a number of top logistics firms, highlighting an urgent need to recruit new as well as younger people into the sector, retain and train up existing staff and change and transform the image of logistics so that it is viewed as a viable career of choice

CIPS & Walk Free Foundation's ethical procurement guide

A guide introducing procurement professionals to the key concepts behind ethical procurement and providing practical advice has been released by a major industry institute in partnership with an anti slavery charity

Outsourcing report exposes fundamental flaws, by MooD International

Finding the right supply chain services provider, by JDA Software

In the last of a three-part series of articles by David Gai of JDA Software, the Executive Vice President of Services discusses the need for collaboration and finding a trusted services partner to amplify your results

Multi-billion Baxter Int. outsources logistics to Jan de Rijk

Multi-billion dollar global healthcare company Baxter International has become the latest to acquire the services of Netherlands-based Jan de Rijk Logistics

Secrets of a career in procurement revealed, by Wax Digital

Research conducted by procurement software specialist Wax Digital has revealed the secrets to a job in procurement

Wax Digital on the who, what, why and how of Supplier Rationalisation

Scour the LinkedIn profiles of procurement professionals and consultants and you'll find frequent references to supplier rationalisation. The immediate implication however is that this process is about cutting or reducing your supply base. In modern terms it's become far more sophisticated than this and could, amongst other things, lead to increasing supplier numbers. Daniel Ball talked to former procurement director, now an independent consultant, John Martin, to find out more

Behind every Christmas click, the battle for sales. By Vocollect

Behind Every Christmas Click...the battle for Christmas sales is being fought. This year however it will be won, and lost on the road and in the warehouse says Darrel Williams, regional director, Vocollect

A note from the Editor (& Supply Chain Digital January is here!)

The January edition of Supply Chain Digital is live, just click in the top left hand corner to peruse our latest offerings. Also, what better time is there for our editor to take a look back at what was a year defined by progress?

DHL on: Five forces that shaped supply chains in 2013

In the following piece, Mark Patterson, Vice President - Innovation and Product Incubation at DHL Supply Chain, reviews the five most important supply chain trends of 2013, and what they mean for companies going into 2014 and beyond

HItachi survey finds managers unappreciative of supply chain

The supply chain disconnect: HItachi Consulting survey finds that 80 percent of managers don't see supply chain as business strategy enabler

UK: 4 million sqft logistics development Logistics North

Logisitcs North will be Manchester's biggest logistics park and a shining example of UK innovation

The December edition of Supply Chain Digital is here

The December edition of Supply Chain Digital is here, providing news and information for supply chain executives

SAPICS: manage supply chain risk as a core competency

In this latest thought piece from SAPICS, Douglas Kent, former Vice President of Avnet Velocity, discusses mitigating supply chain risk

Apple shakes up supply chain to increase margins

OEMs will not longer be responsible for procurement, focusing on production only, but may increase prices to maintain profits

XChanging survey shows sourcing and procurement failings

A major survey from Xchanging has shown that the sourcing and procurement industry (S&P) industry needs to mature in order to meet companies' demands

The WACO System grows African membership

Global freight network welcomes two new members at its Extraordinary General Meeting in Vietnam

Spotlight on: ELITE Association of Logistic Networks

Some of you may not have heard of ELITE Association of Logistic Networks, butt it is the industry's only recognised group of quality-focused independently owned and operated logistics and freight forwarder networks. As it gears up to celebrate its one-year anniversary, we provide you with a small profile to get you interested in its work

AEB offers to help tackle US Export Control Reform

In August, the Supply Chain Digital website ran a story about leading supply chain managers and trade solutions provider AEB launching a campaign to guide businesses through changes that will come about from the Obama Administration's Export Control Reforms. The following piece is a follow up from AEB, detailing exactly what is on offer and where to get it

The November edition of Supply Chain Digital is live

The November edition of Supply Chain Digital magazine is here, providing news and information for supply chain executives

Demica: liquidity potential in logistics in Central Europe

Demica's new research reveals significant liquidity potential to be exploited in manufacturing, wholesale and logistics sectors in Central Europe

The 'last mile' problem, by Parcel2Go

Euan Coupland, writing for Parcel2Go, examines the 'last mile' problem with regard to the online retail sector and suggests ways that technology can help

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